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Pista Corta

Red Barrel Vermouth with Juniper (Vermut Tinto Barrica Enebro)

Red Barrel Vermouth with Juniper (Vermut Tinto Barrica Enebro)

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This vermouth with 92 points out of 100 in Guía Peñín is made with selected Airén and Tempranillo grapes. The first provides its stability and ability to be impregnated with flavors, while the Tempranillo provides its characteristic colour and sweetness.

A wise combination of botanicals such as wormwood, wild spices (thyme, marjoram, sage), dittany, calamus, gentian root, licorice, bitter orange, elderflower, cloves, coriander and others completes the preparation. After this process, it is assembled with a juniper berry distillate, made in our distillery copper still, and then aged in American oak barrels that have previously aged rum.

Pista Corta winery gets its name from very short landing lanes for adventure pilots in the old ages. The vermouths produced in small quantities by Pista Corta follow the passion for exploring new flavours and tastes. Made artisan their identity is excellence, as the one achieved with up to 92 points at illustriuos Guía Peñín.


Serve cold with an orange slice. Perfect for tapas or starters, or just to share with friends around a table.


Visual: intense mahogany, medium-high layer

Nose: juniper, licorice, wood, nuts

Mouth: pleasant entry, drying, complex background, wood

Pairing: Mexican food, shredded meat, red tuna

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