About us

Los ORIGENES is the result of our love for our home country Spain, its gastronomic diversity, its people, and the great work they do to make extraordinary and unique products to enjoy around a table with friends and family, give happiness through food, and develop memories that stay with you forever.

We have been living in the UK for more than 10 years now, growing our children, and loving the great things this country offers, from the beautiful country roads to the love and respect for tradition, open mindset, cultural diversity, and future opportunities.

As we always say, we choose to take the best of each country, focus on the positive and change what can be done better.

We have been blessed with amazing friends, who have always been by our side, listening to our complaints on the lack of good Spanish products in the UK, and laughing with us every time we come back from Spain with our suitcases filled with a little bit of Spain, filled with some of those delicious products we missed so much, and we wanted to share with them.

They have been our inspiration to come forward, take the challenge and do it. And we say yes, we want to share our passion with more people and bring to your table the best deli from Spain, those hidden gems of the Spanish gastronomy hard to find in the UK.

We have been working very hard over the last couple of months to get to this point, putting our network to work, and travelling over 3,000km during the summer to meet producers, and understand their values, their farms and pastures, how they work, their products, their story... This is just the start of this journey, and so far, it has been very rewarding to keep learning, and increase our love and respect for what they do and how they do it, and personally select the products we will share with you.

We want to start small and local, with a selection of the most traditional and best quality Spanish products carefully selected for you.

For you to order online and enjoy at home or enjoy at one of our Spanish tasting nights. Watch this space!