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El Castuo

Torta del Casar PDO Cheese

Torta del Casar PDO Cheese

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Region: Cáceres, Extremadura

Torta del Casar is one of the most famous cheese PDO in Spain due to the quality and limited milk production of Merino sheep, as well as the traditional use of vegetable rennet derived from pistils of wild thistle. The Torta, originally made by shepherds and consumed locally, has become hugely renowned both in Spain and around the world in the last 40 years. Torta del Casar Tiana is an artisan raw-milk cheese produced by El Castúo cheesemaker following traditional procedures. Its distinctive bright yellow to light orange washed rind protects this creamy soft ripened cheese, full-flavoured and slightly lactic, with a persistent bitter aftertaste, and nutmeg notes. Intense aroma with animal notes.


Take it out the fridge 3-6 hour before consumption to allow the inside temperature to get up to around 24 Celsius degrees to enjoy its spreadable texture. Simply spread it on bread or cheese crackers, have it with nuts, quince, or sweet jams. Pair well with brut Cava, and white wines with wood notes.

Ingredients: Raw sheep’s milk, wild thistle rennet, and salt

Nutritional facts (100ml): 317 kcal, 26.3g fats, of which 18.0g are saturated, 1.3g carbohydrates, of which <0.1g sugars, 17.5g proteins, 1.5g salt.

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