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Queso de la Serena Cheese (spread, red label)

Queso de la Serena Cheese (spread, red label)

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Region: Badajoz, Extremadura

COVICA is a farming cooperative established in 1981 and focused on cheese production from Merino sheep milk, all of them under the PDO Queso de la Serena, considered by culinary experts as one of the best cheeses in the world. Located in the south of Extremadura and with vast grasslands, mountains, and pastures, La Serena provides the perfect environment to herd the Merino sheep. Tasting a PDO Serena Cheese is the result of a precise, traditional, and artisanal process that transform milk on this tasty delicacy. The Queso de la Serena Cheese is a creamy soft ripened cheese made from raw Merino sheep’s milk, full-flavoured, persistent taste, and an elegant bitter aftertaste.


Take it out the fridge 3-6 hour before consumption to allow the inside temperature to get up to 20-25 Celsius degrees to enjoy its spreadable texture. Simply spread it on bread, have it with nuts, or roasted aubergine.

Ingredients: Raw Merino sheep’s milk, wild thistle rennet, and salt

Nutritional facts (100ml): 365 kcal, 30.40g fats, of which 21.90g are saturated, 0.92g carbohydrates, of which 0.30g sugars, 21.90g proteins, 1.25g salt.

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