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Conservas Laurel

Salmon, Hazelnut and Cabrales cheese Pate (Pastel de Covadonga)

Salmon, Hazelnut and Cabrales cheese Pate (Pastel de Covadonga)

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Region: Asturias, Asturias

On the coast of Asturias, one of the sea products richest areas in the Bay of Biscay, is the village of Aviles, whose fishing tradition dates back in centuries. This long tradition, together with the quality of the sea products and the land of Asturias, provides Conservas Laurel with the basic ingredients for the traditional preparation of their dishes that have served more than twenty years to the most demanding palates. Furthermore the correct selection and handling of the raw material jointly with the exclusion of any type of additive or non-natural component are their seal of quality and guarantee for a healthy diet.

Pastel de Covadonga is a salmon, hazelnut and Cabrales cheese pate with a very unctuous texture that is recommended to be consumed on biscuits. It is made without dyes or preservatives.


Keep in a dry, cool place. No need for cooking. Just open the tin and eat or present it in a nice plate. This is a great tapas option from the north of Spain.

Ingredients: Tomato, salmon, egg, norwegian smoked salmon (10%), olive oil, hazelnut (5%), Cabrales cheese (2,5%), hazelnut spirit, sea salt.

Typical nutritional values (average value per 100g):

Energy: 809 Kj (145 kcal)

Fats: 15.9g (saturated 2.7g)

Proteins: 11g

Carbohydrates: 1.6g (sugar 1.5g)

Salt: 1.6g

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