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White Tuna (fillets) in Olive Oil

White Tuna (fillets) in Olive Oil

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Region: Pontevedra, Galicia

BROTO is a two generations business which mission is to bring the best fish and seafood of the Galicia and Basque country shores to their customers’ table. BROTO is a way of working, with passion, tenancy, and excellence at the core of their DNA. The White Tuna come from the very cold waters of Ria de Noia, a unique region in the Northwest of Spain where the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea meet to develop a unique and nutrient-rich ecosystem. Cockles are hand cleaned and packaged to preserve their quality. Bright white colour, sea aroma, and extraordinary taste are their distinctive notes.


Very cold with a glass of your favourite Albariño, Ribeiro, Riesling, or light white wine.

Ingredients: tuna, olive oil, and salt

Typical nutritional values (average value per 100g):

Energy: 163 kcal

Fat: 6g (saturated 1g)

Protein: 26g

Carbohydrates: 0g (sugar 0g)

Salt: 1g

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