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Castillo de Canena

Royal EVOO

Royal EVOO

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Region: Jaén, Andalucía

Castillo de Canena is an award-winning olive oil family business since 1870, mastering circular economy with their own pastures, lands, feed, factory and manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Quality and innovation is at their core including AI guided selection of each individual olive and blockchain traceability.

Royal EVOO is a traditional native variety of Spain and it has been recovered after almost extinction. It is collected on the first days of the harvest and tasting notes remind to fresh herbs, green banana and artichoke. The elegant bitterness and spiciness is both pleasant and balanced, and it has a long, minty and lightly astringent aftertaste.


Ideal whith salad dressings, tomato soup, gazpacho, cured ham and cheese, grilled meat. Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

Ingredients: 100% Royal olives

Harvest: Mechanical with vibration

Extraction: maximum of 4 hours after harvesting. Cold pressed with two phased centrifuge

Nutritional facts: biophenols 361 mg/kg

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