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La Cabra Tira al Jerte

Goat Cheese with Paprika (Ecologic)

Goat Cheese with Paprika (Ecologic)

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Region: Cáceres, Extremadura

This goat cheese is young, organic and artisanal, and combines its intense flavour with the smoky and sweet aroma of paprika from the neighbouring Valley of La Vera. It is carefully refined in the maturation chamber with pine wood molds for 6 weeks. Thus, two traditions from the same region come together for this exceptional product, which seduces all types of palates. A tribute to the cheese that grandmothers made (ecologically) in the Jerte Valley.

La Cabra Tira al Jerte cheese factory is in the Jerte Valley, Extremadura, one of the most beautiful natural and protected areas in Spain. They started their initiative with a lot of love and passion for the rural environment that surrounds them. To recover flavours, traditions, uses and sustainable spaces they produce and mix their wonderful goat and cheese experience with proposals already consolidated in the production and distribution of organic fruit, building bridges between the rural and the urban and creating new jobs for the youth. Their ecologic products are using circular economy to re-start the rural economy.


Take it out the fridge 30-60m before consumption to allow the inside temperature get a better room temperature. Then enjoy it with bread or jams. Also it is a good combination with grapes or cherries.

Ingredients: Raw goat's milk, dairy ferments, La Vera paprika, calcium, animal rennet and salt.

Nutritional facts (100ml): 462 kcal, 39.6g fats, of which 25.40g are saturated, 0g carbohydrates, of which 0g sugars, 27.6g proteins, >1g salt.

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