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Los Puertos

Cabrales PDO Gran Reserva Cheese, Aged 12 M

Cabrales PDO Gran Reserva Cheese, Aged 12 M

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Region: Póo de Cabrales, Asturias

Cabrales is an artisan strong blue cheese produced on a small scale by rural dairy farmers in Asturias. Los Puertos is a family business, and their Cabrales Gran Reserva won the Best Cabrales of 2023 prize in August, becoming the most expensive cheese in the world after being sold by auction for €30,000. The secret is in the natural caves. Cabrales Gran Reserva Los Puertos matures for 12 months in natural caves at 1,500m above sea level in Picos de Europa mountains, and at a stable temperature of 7-8 Celsius degrees. During this time, the Bada-Pendás family carefully cares after their cheese in the caves, as it needs to be turned over periodically, and rind removed and washed to ensure correct humidity. Cabrales Gran Reserva los Puertos is a raw cow and goat milk, crumbly, complex and fiery. It delights with its smooth and creamy consistency, and its balanced strong spicy taste, with fruity and salty notes. 


On its own at room temperature with bread or crackers, and something sweet as quince or figs jam. It pairs well with red wine, fresh figs, salami, sweet sherry and dry sausages. Cabrales is wonderful as a base for sauces, great for melting over grilled or roasted meats.

Ingredients: Raw cow’s milk (85%), row goat’s milks (15%), rennet, and salt

Nutritional facts (100ml): 375 kcal, 31.8g fats, of which 28.1g are saturated, 3.0g carbohydrates, of which <0.5g sugars, £22.1g proteins, 2.7g salt.

 NOTE: Whole cheese delivery may delay up to 2 weeks. We will contact you to confirm delivery dates. 

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