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Castillo de Canena

Arbequina with Marine Plankton EVOO

Arbequina with Marine Plankton EVOO

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Region: Jaén, Andalucía

Castillo de Canena is an award-winning olive oil family business since 1870. The Arbequina EVOO with marine plankton is their most innovative product, and unique in the world, made with the participation of Ángel León, the prestigious Three Michelin-starred chef from Cádiz.

The result is a 100% natural and vegan olive oil, with intense and bright green colour due to the plankton in suspension. It is very fresh and elegant, with a mild bitterness and a balanced spiciness, which disappears quickly. The mouthfeel is very sweet in balance with the salty hints of the sea.


Ideal with rice dishes and seafood, grilled fish, pasta, octopus, fish tartar and ceviche. It is also a highly recommended oil for making mayonnaise and vinaigrette. Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

Ingredients: 97.5% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 2.5% marine phytoplankton

Harvest: Mechanical with vibration

Extraction: maximum of 4 hours after harvesting. Cold pressed with twophased centrifuge

Nutritional facts: biophenols 210 mg/kg

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